A generous and optimistic soul who shares his love for self, for life, for nature, for others, in a most truthful and gifted way. Having Niko as a coach was inspiring - no matter how challenging the journey to inner self was, Niko was amazing in the way he helped me discover what blocked me from being my best self and transform. I now enjoy a life full of love and accomplishments because I have learned to love me! Thank you my dear friend for helping me find my meaning, thank you for helping me flourish!

Katerina K., Banking Executive

Having Niko as a coach is creating a space where you feel nurtured and listened to. His way of making you see through your lakes and opportunities for growth is always caring and kind. He shelters your heart and soul, while giving you practical feedback and tools to improve yourself and your relationships constantly. And most of all, he is a companion in your journey of self-love. 

Sharoll F., Non-profit Executive

Niko is a special person and coach. He always uniquely listened to me and at the same time I never felt judged. Which made me feel safe and able to be open with him. Also, he has a gift for asking the right question at the right time. And questions that really helped me see some challenging situations in a new way. I love that Niko is creative with different exercises and homework too. Never boring or expected. Always moving me forward. I'm grateful that Niko coached me during a big summer in my life of transition and growth. Thank you Niko!


Gregory N., Media Executive

I'm an audit professional with a successful track record; but there were times when I doubted what I do and wondered what is my true passion and what else there may be for me in life.  I had the honor and luxury speaking to Niko.  Niko is very passionate about life and has a way of always inspiring others for being happy and positive.  Unlike other people that I have come across who would be eager to provide me with a suggestion or guidance, a solution per se, Niko's way of coaching is more focused on bringing out the strength and drive within me.  He is a good listener, he is non-judgmental, his unbiased opinion made me feel I can completely trust him.  Instead of offering a solution, he is more like a gardener, providing the proper care, nutrition, and guidance, but leave the space for the plant to grow with its own power and Niko does bring out that power and strength.  I'd highly recommend Niko to anyone who is thriving to live the life to its full extent.

Shirley J., Banking Executive

Niko shows up to coaching as he shows to everything in his life, filled with love, thoughtfulness and joy. His coaching has been helping me in so many aspects of life, such as abundance, love and business. I always look forward to our calls and can see how that energy lingers through the week. 

Heidi L., Small-Business Entrepreneur

East Hampton Retreats with Niko are transformative. I have had the privilege of doing two and both times I came away feeling grounded, restored and essentially surrounded by a nurturing blanket of love. Niko approaches his coaching from the deepest well of unconditional divine love. He hears you, supports you, and ultimately challenges you to love yourself unconditionally. This is the starting place for magnificent internal alchemy. The intensives are a balanced time for personal work (coaching and time for reflection), Reiki, socializing, making delicious food, and restorative relaxation. And of course, long walks or bike rides on the beaches of the Hamptons never hurt anyone. I strongly recommend the experience to anyone who needs to recharge, to think, and find guidance from the truth of your own inner voice with the support of my dear friend Niko.

Nichole M., Non-profit Executive

I absolutely loved the two day Retreat with Niko in East Hampton. The house was beautiful, in the woods and a five minute walk from the East Hampton bay beach. Niko has a real gift. He helped me in two days come to life realizations that I hadn't come to in years of therapy. He created a very safe space for me to be myself, love myself and understand who I am and how to shine in the world. After two days in the Hamptons, I came away with a completely new awareness of myself and with tools that I could apply in my daily life. And I had a great time in the process. I highly recommend the Intensives and Niko. In fact, my whole energy changed after that weekend and everyone was asking me why I looked different. Powerful stuff!


Angela L., FMCG Executive


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